Current Status on oldGMCtrucks Mapper - Acceptance Test


Software Plan - BitSize Solutions will gather necessary information from the client, Dr. Timoth Lederman, in order to determine the best action toward a solution. From the problem given by Dr. Lederman, team meetings will be organized in order to make essential decisions. After defining the software plan, Bitsize Solutions can move forward to the requirement specifications.

Requirements Specifications - Bitsize Solutions will set up meeting times with Dr. Lederman in order to discuss more about the specifics of the problem. These meetings will help acquire more information on the project in order to develop a suitable solution.

Preliminary Design - Using the software plan and requirement specifications, a basic outline and design can be developed. Bitsize Solutions will incorporate all of the information from the requirement specifications to develop a preliminary solution.

Detailed Design - After creating a preliminary design, Bitsize Solutions will present the design to Dr. Lederman before taking the next step. If the client is satisfied with the contents, Bitsize Solutions will refine the preliminary design in order to fulfill the previous requirements. A finalized solution could then be developed from the previous design.

Development & Testing - Necessary developments to the project design will be taken in order to create a detailed finalized product. Testing of each process will be conducted in order to examine errors or improvements that will be necessary. Each testing period will advance the project to its more finalized state.

Acceptance Test - After final developments and testing, the final product will be demonstrated to the client for an acceptance or rejection of the product. The product would be accepted if it has met all of the client's constraints and performs the desired task in satisfaction for the client.