Left to Right: Kevin Mango, Nicholas Roth, Daniel Street, Lauren Mathews, Tyler Carpenter-Rivers

The E-Book Application System Integration (E.A.S.I.) is a platform that gathers up all the inventories that a school has purchased from multiple vendors and provides a single hosted location for all of them. This location provides search and filtering features and tracking features for each user and E-book in the system. We want to create a virtual library for all the students. The goal of E.A.S.I. is to make the system as 'easy', and intuitive to use as possible. We want the back- end to be invisible so that the user is being aided by the technology and not hindered by it.

Kevin Mango Tyler Carpenter-Rivers Nick Roth Lauren Mathews Daniel Street
Kevin Mango

Development Director
Mr. Mango is responsible for ensuring the design and eventual implementation of any software required for the completion of the project, and guaranteeing that the system is finished in an efficient manner. The job requires that the director supervises the programming development and final project design.


Tyler Carpenter-Rivers

Document Analyst
Mr. Carpenter-Rivers is responsible for organizing, collecting and distributing information to all team members, the supervisor, and the clients. They will be using their intuition to analyze and help team members provide the best solution. They will work with the database manager in the creation of diagrams and schemas for the description of the database, as well as working with the web master for flow charts for the description of the website.


Nick Roth

Database Manager
Mr. Roth is responsible for overseeing the creation of a well-designed database for the software system. The manager will work closely with the document analyst in the creation of diagrams and schemas for the description of the database, as well as working with the web master to ensure that the website is able to retrieve data in an appropriate and timely manner.


Lauren Mathews

Team Leader
Ms. Mathews is responsible for coordinating both client and team meetings, and is the main team contact for the supervisor, Dr. Fryling. They are required to attend a weekly meeting with Dr. Fryling to keep her updated on Seraphim’s progress. They are responsible for ensuring that deliverables deadlines are completed and that the schedule is being followed.


Daniel Street

Web Master
Mr. Street is responsible for creating and preserving Seraphim’s website. They are responsible for ensuring that all team documents are uploaded for the right extensions, that the timeline is up-to-date, and making sure that Seraphim represents the right data. They will be working with the document analyst to create a flow chart representation of the website.


The Spiralfall model for Software Development is a model that combines the most desirable parts from both the Spiral model and the Waterfall model. We wanted to maintain flexibility, while still having a well laid out structure that we can follow. This means that we always know what step comes next. Either we move forward because we have completed a certain task to perfection, or we reimplement and increment our designs.

Current Stage: Deploy (Final Product)


Requirements Analysis: Obtaining the client's needs.
Identification: Identigy the client's needs.
System Design Congiure the blueprints of the system.
Implementation: Code and initiate the system requirements.
Testing: Confirm that the system meets established standards.
Risk Analysis: Determine criticality the system can perform.
Deploy: Bring the system to a live state.
Maintenance: Keep the system functioning once completed.

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