Working Prototype

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Currently we are working with Dr. Timoth Lederman on a project known as the Siena College Internship Information System (S.C.I.I.S.).

The Science Internship Coordinator, Dr. Timoth Lederman, would like a web-based system to make the internship process more efficient for the current coordinator, prospective internship sites, and potential interns. Dr. Lederman would like our project, S.C.I.I.S, Siena College Internship Information System, to be conducive to the internship process while maintaining a user-friendly atmosphere. This will allow those with limited computer skills to navigate with ease, while providing a more efficient process than the current one.

The first group of individuals that would use this system would be prospective students and those students currently enrolled in the Science Internship Program. The prospective students would be able to view requirements for the internship program. These students would also be able to apply online, making it more convenient. Students already approved would also be able to use this system. For instance, they would be able to submit requirements such as evaluation forms via the Internet. Since the forms would be online, the student can submit these reports in less than half the time as before, thus making the process more efficient.

The next group, internship sites, would also be able to use this interface to their advantage. Internship supervisors would be able to fill out evaluation forms about their interns with S.C.I.I.S. They will be able to contact the Internship Coordinator with information on the internships being offered to prospective students.

Most importantly, the internship coordinator will utilize S.C.I.I.S. S.C.I.I.S. will then incorporate both the students and internship sites information into a database. This will allow the coordinator to be able to scroll through a list of open sites for a particular major with a list of students enrolled in the program without internships. Once a student agrees to work at a site, both can be remove from the list. This makes the process of pairing up students with an internship that is right for them much more efficient. The coordinator will also be able to view contact information on both students and internship sites. This contact information would include a list of past interns at that site. The coordinator will also be able to view forms and evaluations that were submitted by both groups.