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FSH Technologies Welcome to FSH Technologies, a Siena College Software Engineering team. Please click below to view our member profiles!

Jackie Boylan

Team Leader

Jackie is a Senior at Siena College majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Mathematics. Jackie is skilled with Java programming and has good database experience with the projects she performed during internships. Jackie was elected to be the team leader of FSH Tech for the Spring 2012 semester. She is looking forward to continue working on and developing software when she graduates Siena College in May 2012.

Matthew Kemmer

Database Administrator

Matthew is a Senior Computer Science major with minors in Mathematics and Spanish at Siena College. He is currently the team leader of FSH Tech, but will be stepping down in the Spring semester. Matthew aspires to be a computer programmer after he graduates, though he does not yet know what for specifically, as he has enjoyed coding anything. Work that he has done in his field include an independent study for one of his professors, as well as a summer research project at Siena.

Mike Tanski

Lead Webmaster

Mike is a Senior Computer Science major at Siena College and has delivered international presentations and co-authored papers with faculty across schools and disciplines. He is the founder and president of Pine Grove Computer Services which has recieved world-wide clientele because of their success in data recovery and computer forensics. Mike plans to start his PhD in Informatics after graduating in the Spring 2012.

Matt Brancato

Systems Administrator

Matt is a senior Computer Science major at Siena college. He has worked as a freelance IT professional for many years now and has serviced a variety of systems. Matt is planning to receive his CompTIA A+certification in Spring of 2012.

Nydia Negron


Nydia Negron is a computer science student at Siena College with a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics. She started off her years at Siena with the intensions to get a degree in Mathematics Education but found her passion in Computer Science and plans to continue in the Computer game design field. She has worked in office settings, retail settings, and educational settings at the head of the classroom and in a desk but nothing has been more exciting to her than creating programs. Now she hopes to further her experience through FSH Technology and other opportunities. Contact Nydia Negron at for any further information.

Serena Moore

Sub-Group Leader

Serena is a Senior majoring in computer science at Siena College. She is good with Java and likes the challenge of assembly language. She enjoys the challenge of learning new things and also looks forward to working a lot with hardware in the future.

Company Overview

Software Engineering Software Engineering is the capstone Computer Science course at Siena College and is taught by Dr. Tim Lederman. More information can be found on the course website here.

Latest Project

F.I.L.E.T. We are currently in the Design phase of our project Fabricating IAT Luminating Existing Thinking (FILET) for our client Dr. Eric Breimer. Our goal is to create a tool which allows a user to create and deploy Implicit Association Tests (IATs). To learn more about our team, project, or IATs please follow the appropriate links or e-mail us anytime!

IAT Project

Implicit Association Tests - What are they? A computerized reaction-time task designed to measure the strength of association between target concepts (e.g., flowers and insects) and attribute concepts (e.g., pleasant and unpleasant). Participants categorize stimuli as quickly as possible by pressing a computer key. In critical blocks, participants use the same computer key to categorize both a target concept and an attribute concept.

Our Project

Problem we are solving.. Our client, Dr. Breimer, would like an easy way to create an IAT (Implicit Association Test) in an online environment in order to obtain data for research. An IAT is a tool that psychologists use to study peoples innate thoughts and opinions about particular groups of people or subjects by observing their reaction time to stimuli objects they are presented with. He wants to be able to easily create IATs by simply providing category names and stimuli objects. Once the test is created he can send out them to participants, and can view any individualís test results. He also needs to obtain more information about the person taking the test, so he would like us to use a survey tool to collect this information.


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